A guide to throwing the best Cannabis Dinner Party

Since the legalization of cannabis and the debut of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, there has been a rise in the cannabis dinner party. But since the plates are quite expensive it would be difficult for many to have a party in such a diner. But here is a guide on how to throw the best cannabis dinner party.  But before you even think of throwing the party, decide whether you want cannabis-infused food or paring of food with dry leaf. Experts recommend that first-timers should go for the dry leaf pairing but there is a benefit of infused food too as that can be quite economical.

No matter what you decide, if you follow these tips your cannabis dinner party will be a success

Cannabis Dinner Party

Prepare Your Guest List

Give a careful thought about who you would like to invite to this party as the weed would let the conversation flow, there is also a possibility of people having the difference of opinion. So be careful in selecting people so that the party does not turn south.

Find an Inspiration

Let your imagination take control of you in planning the party and have a theme that goes well with cannabis. If you are concerned about the legality to go indoors think about summer outdoor parties as they are quite hit.

Decide on your Menu

It is important to decide how to pair your food and with which strain. Search on strains that complement the food to create the magic.

Decide on your playlist

Music is an integral part of a party but remembers to select your playlist carefully as THC can cause paranoia and anxiety. So the playlist should be soothing that creates an ambiance and not something, which is loud.

Create the ambiance

Weed helps in elevating the senses so use diffusers, flowers and things that would maximize and add to the senses of your guests.

No Candles

Cannabis party needs to be a safe one too, so avoid using fire at the table as you would not want your guests to be on fire while high on cannabis.

Have CBD ready

While cannabis is fun it also has psychoactive effects that might result in a panic and anxiety attack. Rather than letting your guests experience the discomfort, a dose of CBD can help in squashing the feeling. Keep it handy so you can use it when necessary.

Avoid Alcohol

Well for many, a party without booze is not a party at all and even a pro-cannabis user would recommend you not to mix alcohol with weed at a party. Mainly because the senses created by cannabis will be dulled by the alcohol intoxication.

In the process of throwing a best cannabis dinner party, don’t forget to allow your guests to choose the level of buzz they want. Also, don’t compromise on the quality of cannabis and shop the best cannabis in Canada at Green God.

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