An Artist’s Relationship with Marijuana: Why Making Art Is Better When You’re High?

Multiple studies have been conducted before and are still being done to see the benefits of Marijuana on a person’s health and how it can help in preventing and curing various ailments. But one thing is for sure, marijuana had been one of the most used illicit drugs of all time. Even when it was illegal to use quite a lot of creative people for ages has been using it, be it Charles Baudelaire to Alanis Morissette, Steve Jobs, Vincent Gordon and Fernando de la Rocque. George Carlin has termed it as a ‘value-changing drug’ that has the possibility of opening doors. The users have always stated that it enhances their creativity, while there had been studies that say that artistic creativity is a state of mind and Marijuana has no function in it. This article, however, will focus on some facts that showcase an artist’s relationship with marijuana and why making art is better when the artist is high.

Artist’s Relationship with Marijuana: Creativity and Brain

Artist’s Relationship with Marijuana

Researches have shown that the brain functions can be altered by marijuana, hence when the brain function is altered so is the creativity. This is possible because of the neurons of the brain process the information that it receives and passes it along the all parts of the brain, or the region that is active for creativity in the form of neurotransmitters. While substances like alcohol and high-end drugs intoxicate the person whereas marijuana has the substance known as cannabinoids, these substances are also produced in the brain naturally, therefore, cannabinoids are something that the brain recognizes. Furthermore, the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is also found in the marijuana, is very similar to Anandamide. This is a natural neurotransmitter that works for the brain.

In a natural process after the neurons are transmitted (fired) to the brain and then there is a break of thought, which means there is a stop to the transmission, this is a natural process so that the mind can be controlled and calm while not being overwhelmed. Cannabis does not allow the function of neurons to be stopped; there is no break in the transmission hence it is the imagination and the artistic creativity are amplified. The thinking process continues and helps in escaping from the mundane life or intensified that manifests into an art form and new ideas.

Artist’s Relationship with Marijuana: Recalling the Memory

Artist’s Relationship with Marijuana

Studies have shown that people smoking marijuana often have a problem recalling the thoughts they had when they were on high. This is because THC fails to convert the short-term memory into the long-term one, however, the memory lapse is only of the time that one was high on the weed. It does not hinder one’s remembrance of the existing memory. So often the marijuana smokers who use it for art and creativity use some techniques like keeping a pad and pencil, or a canvas to jot down whatever creative or artistic thought they have while they are on the marijuana high.

Added to all these studies have revealed that marijuana smoking artists are more open to new experiences and can think of different solutions as well as collate them together to solve a problem. Ganjagal’s marijuana enhances users’ ability to be open to new experiences that lead them to have more creativity.

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It is for sure when high your relationship with marijuana enhances your skills. As there is plenty of marijuana available in Canada, what do you think which one works best? Comment below!


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