Answered: Can You Eat Raw Marijuana?

Have you ever thought about whether you can consume raw marijuana and will you get high from eating or smoking it? Well, the answer is yes you can consume marijuana raw and ‘no’ you will not get high from having it raw. This article will help you in understanding why raw marijuana is good for health and how it is different from dried ones.

Raw Marijuana: Is it safe to be consumed?

raw marijuana

Apart from getting a normal stomach upset there should not be any problem in consuming raw marijuana. But keep in mind that you will not get high from having raw weed as the psychoactive elements of the marijuana only kick in after it has been decarboxylated. While the term ‘decarboxylated’ is quite a mouthful and seems to be a difficult process it is simply ‘decarbing’ of the weed that is done by heating the plant to a high temperature so that the cannabinoids of the plant gets activated. For the activation, marijuana needs to reach the temperature of 220-degree Fahrenheit or more so that the decarboxylation can take place.

Why might you get a stomach upset from eating raw marijuana?

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Some people who consume raw marijuana have reported that they get stomach upset from it. While there is no scientific reason that specifically states the reason for cannabis causing probable stomach upset but it might be possible that since the plant contains a varied number of elements might be the reason. It can also be viewed that like many plants that need to be cooked before consuming, for some cannabis too needs to be cooked before consuming for easier digestion.  Additionally, marijuana grown commercially or otherwise can contain bugs, insecticides, pesticides, and dirt that can cause the sickness. It is therefore essential that raw marijuana is cleaned and washed properly before consuming.

Why Eat Raw Marijuana?

raw marijuana

Raw marijuana has the non-psychoactive cannabinoids that are lost when they are heated for decarboxylation. Such cannabinoids can be good for health, some can have anti-tumor properties, can help in healing the side effects like short-term memory loss caused by using marijuana for recreational purposes. Beneficial terpenes and flavonoids are also there in weeds that are raw and they have health and therapeutic benefits too.

What is Decarboxylation?

Raw marijuana has a very little trace of THC the element that causes the high in the cannabis, it is the psychoactive element. In raw marijuana, there is THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and cannabinolic acid (CBDA). Both changes into THC and CBD when decarboxylation happens, it is because on heating the carboxyl groups get removed and THC and CBD become active and can be consumed if you want to get high.

To Get High from Edible Marijuana Cook it in Fat as it can be digested by the body easily.

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