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A Brief Introduction

Previously known as Berlin, Kitchener city is located nearly 100 km west of Toronto. It covers an area of 136.86 square kilometers. This city has a humid continental climate of the warm subtype. Other than that, the winter season generally lasts from the mid-December until March, whereas summer season occurs between mid-May to the end of September. It is also an important financial, industrial and distribution center of Canada.
A wonderful thing about this place is that this city is also a home to German populations. From music to food, German population had bought a lot of culture with them. Apart from this, it has a network of beautiful and extensive trails close to picturesque Grand River

 Today, the city has grow to become a place many people from around the world wants to settle in. With the open opportunity for growth, Kitchener is a magnet for various businessmen and individuals who crave for a tad of ambiance. You’ll get a thumping life in Kitchener and can get a taste of vibrancy as well as the taste of the popular marijuana that has also become legal here.

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