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A Brief Introduction

Toronto is one of the most famous cities in the world filled with people from various backgrounds. It is located at the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, and this city became famous only after the significant transformation in the twentieth century. This beautiful city has evolved from a mostly Anglo-Saxon, conservative, staid enclave into a multiethnic and a dynamic metropolis.
Today, Toronto is one of North America’s major cities where it has maintained superior quality livability, boasting an efficient and clean subway system amid a renovated waterfront and restored Victorian houses, and Safe Streets up till today. Along with that, Canada is one of the countries in the world that has legalized the use of Medical Marijuana Products, making it available to the public easily.
The leaders of this city have accomplished to preserve the quality of life and health of the residents, and the heritage of the city from the effects of free development. With all this development out of love and care, Toronto has advanced and grown into a significant cultural and financial center in the world.

Buy Medical Marijuana in Toronto

Since 2001, medical marijuana has been legal in Toronto. But during 2014, the MMPR, also known as the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations decided to make cannabis access much easier for the people in Canada. In the beginning, when medical cannabis was legalized, there were only about 500 registered patients who were treated with medical marijuana, and now there are more than 50,000 of them.
Marijuana has been used in Toronto for a while now, and the usage is fairly moderate. And due to the legalization, the police, as well as the citizens, are now much more tolerant towards the usage of cannabis but mostly for medical purposes. And with the increase in the use of medical cannabis, many online stores have opened up along with the shopping centers in Canada.
Though the number of dispensaries located near you might be less, most might be far from your location. And that is the reason why many online businesses have taken to step to bring medical marijuana to your doorstep within a short time period and under wholesale deals. With the price that ranges from $77to $220 per ounce and $4 to $10 per gram depending on the quality of the marijuana, you can select the one that is affordable and right for you.
Green God does not just have the dry marijuana buds in Toronto for the public, but has every kind of marijuana induced medical product that is available for anyone who is above the age of 19. So, it does not matter if you are a patient or not, GreenGod has got what you need and how you need it. Anyone who is legallyabove the age of 19 can visit the GreenGod store online and easily place an order to avail the products at wholesale rates.

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GreenGod is a Toronto Medical Marijuana Dispensary that offers medical marijuana via the mail-order marijuana service to people across Canada. Our motive is to provide a high-quality product at wholesale rates for making the population in Canada a much healthier one.
The medical marijuana product reaches you in a vacuum-sealed packaging that is discreet and at a wholesale rate. At GreenGod, the price starts at $4 per gram, and for orders that are above $150, shipping is free of cost.
Hence, head towards the GreenGod online store & purchase marijuana products that include topicals, oils, extracts, shatters, dry buds and a lot more. So, if you are suffering from pain, a chronic disease, tension or any other disease that can be cured by a product made from marijuana, buy Medical Marijuana in Toronto from GreenGod at wholesale rates today!