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A Brief Introduction

Victoria is the capital city in British Columbia. This city sets a standard in most ways for Canadian travel destinations. This city is situated on the south end of Vancouver Island. Named after Queen Victoria of United Kingdom at the time of British North America, it experiences an Oceanside climate that allows flowers to bloom all year long. This is the reason why Victoria is known as the “The Garden City”.

Moreover, it is an attractive city and a great popular tourist attraction. It is a major tourist destination with over 3.5 million overnight visitors adding more than billion dollars to the local economy. Victoria’s main industries are food products, technology, tourism, education, federal and provincial government administration and services. Other sectors include banking and investment, public and private schools, food products manufacturing, engineering, architecture, and telecommunications. And let us not forget the medical marijuana industry as well, that is booming a lot right now due to the legalization.

Other than this, Victoria has been a destination for various high-profile international sporting events. The 2005 Ford World Men’s Curling Championship and the 1994 Commonwealth Games were hosted in Victoria. This city will co-host the 2019 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships with Vancouver, British Columbia. If you are on a trip to Victoria and need accommodations, there are several resorts available that can offer you luxury accommodations, and there are several low priced hotels as well.

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