Cannabis In 1930: Here’s How People Used It Before The Government Outlawed Marijuana

It was in 1937 that the Marijuana Tax Act was passed that outlawed the herb and the use of it saw a steep fall. Prior to that for many years cannabis had been used as a medical product and was very easy to buy and was available even in medical stores. Cannabis in 1930 and before was advertised as products for the treatment and was sold as resin and in liquid form.

This article is a look into the innovative people used ways cannabis in 1930 prior to it being outlawed.

cannabis in 1930

As Sedative:

Eli Lilly & Company’s, Cannabis Fluid Extract was used as a narcotic, sedative and antispasmodic. The product was 80percentt alcohol and only a drop was to be taken. The product has the label of poison and as per today’s standard the potion is a tincture and would be rarely found on any shelf. However, it was used as an antispasmodic is very similar to the medical use of it in treating epilepsy and seizure-induced autism.

Treating Hysterical Women:

Lloyd specific medicine made of cannabis was a tincture that promised to cure many ailments and focused primarily on women.  The product claimed that it had the capacity to treat melancholia, PMS, stomach pain, issues related to nervous system, depression and any symptoms that resulted in a woman being called ‘crazy’ by a man. Furthermore, it could also be a cure for suppressing the overactive sex drive of women.

Curing Asthma:

Grimault Corporation manufactured ‘Indian Cigarettes’ and it claimed that the product could cure asthma. Now researchers in Israel have discovered that there are certain cannabinoids that have the capacity in reducing asthma caused by the inflammation, mainly liquid CBD can treat asthma too. However, smoking in asthma is never a good idea but in 1930s smoking was viewed as a medicinal treatment.

Treating Gonorrhoea:

Indiana Cannabis was manufactured by Wm.S. Merrell produced a cannabis tincture that claimed it could treat gonorrhoea well and work as an anaesthetic.  This Ohio based company had a whole range of cannabis product for medicinal purposes; one of them was Bromo-Chloral that could be used as a hypnotic and sedative drug.

For Relaxation:

The Tea Pad culture as described by Meyer Berger for New Yorker in 1938 said that music was played and people had marijuana and the culture of jazz and the herb grew.  The place was for relaxing but prior to the Tea Pads in Harlem in the 1840s the Le Club des Hashischins was formed by French intellectuals like Balzac, Duma, Baudelaire and others who had long discussion sessions with cannabis.

Treating Bunions & Corns:

The 40 different brands for corn removal can be found in the Antique Cannabis books and the herb was used predominantly for treating bunions and corns. Researches have now shown that marijuana does have an antibacterial property that can heal eczema and psoriasis though it is not known if it does treat bunions and corns.

cannabis in 1930

In the era of 20’s cannabis is now available in different flavours as well as it is legal in Canada to consume. You can shop the best cannabis in Canada at Green God available in piquant flavours. If you have experience of cannabis of 19th century, let us know how it used to taste like.  


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