No More Sleeping Till Noon : A Guide To Productive Waking And Baking

Often there is this misconception that people who do not sleep till noon, do nothing apart from smoking, eat pizzas, play video games, play music or indulge in some creativity. However, this is far from the truth because there are many potheads who live a regular life and wake up in the morning and have a productive day.  Often, it is said that there is a reason for a wake and bake in the morning as studies have shown that about 22 percent of marijuana users take a hit within first 10 minutes of the day. While there are no data that demonstrates the reason for such behavior but it can be said that the users want to get the day started without feeling miserable.  Also, getting a few hits in the morning does not mean the user is getting high. Rather the THC works like coffee to a body, which does not have all the required nutrients, so it is more potent in the morning compared to taking it during the day.

Productive Waking And Baking

So, here are some of the ways in which cannabis can be consumed as part of a productive wake and bake to make the most of the day.

Blue Dream:

This is a well-known hybrid of Sativa-dominant that will help you in delving into the collective consciousness of the user while giving a soothing effect.  Blue Dream relaxes the body and helps in morning meditation.

Kiva Terra Bites:

Boost the energy for your hiking with Kiva’s 5 mg chocolate covered espresso beans with the mix that you want for the trail. Kiva’s best part is the drink will start its effect by giving you the extra energy and when you reach your trekking pinnacle it will calm you down to enjoy the view from the summit.

Durban Poison:

Enhances the creativity and lets you unload yourself on the pages in the morning. People consuming Durban Poison has said that they often engage in morning pages, i.e. write anything that is bothering them on a page/ pages and start the day. Durban Poison helps in unloading the issues that are bugging you so that you can have a refreshing day.

Desist Bliss:

Early morning few small hits from Desist pen for 9:1 THC to CBD might sound a bit weird, but people who use it swear that when it is combined with Yoga the mood is boosted to a different level and everything around seems to make sense.

Infused Cold Brew Coffee:

You can bring your brain to the full functioning mode and do try to solve the hardest crossword puzzle and you might even succeed with some cannabis-infused ice-cold coffee. It will relax you while putting your brain in a high functioning mode.

Sour Diesel:

This can be said to have the celebrity status among the other cannabis that helps you with your chores. Few hits of the sour diesel will prepare you to take on the humongous tasks that you have been avoiding for a while. It not only gives you the energy boost that you require but also clams your brain down.

The quality of cannabis can affect your overall health, it is always advisable to consume premium cannabis. To purchase the best cannabis in Canada, visit Green God!

Productive Waking And Baking

Above were the 6 ways to use cannabis to stay relaxed and have a good morning meditating time. Have you tried cannabis in any other way? Do let us know and other readers as well.


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