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Bubba OG (indica)


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<h4 class="variety">Indica Dominant Hybrid <span class="hidden-xs">- </span><span class="strain-percentages">80% Indica / 20% Sativa</span></h4> <h4 class="percentage"><span class="heading">THC: </span>22% - 25%</h4> <strong>Effects: </strong>Euphoria, Happy,Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy <strong>May Relieve: </strong>ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Insomnia,Loss of Appetite, Multiple Sclerosis <strong>Flavors: </strong>Citrus, Herbal, Pine,Spicy, Sweet <strong>Aromas: </strong>Earthy, Kush, Pungent,Spicy, Sweet   <strong>Bubba OG</strong> is one of the strongest indica-dominant hybrids available on the market with a very low level of CBD. However, this strain has 22-25% of THC and it gives truly euphoric, relaxing and happy high. This cross between very powerful sativa-dominant OG Kush and Bubba Kush <strong>induces full body relaxation</strong>, keeps the mind functional and clear while uplifting the mood. Although this cannabis strain may not be ideal for medical marijuana patients who need high levels of CBD for their conditions, it still <strong>provides great medicinal value</strong>. Bubba OG is suitable for treating depression, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and anxiety. You can also use it if you suffer from ADD/ADHD. Some of the most common side effects of this strain are red eyes and dry mouth. If you’re suffering from loss of appetite, you should know that Bubba OG <strong>may give you serious munchies</strong>. This hybrid comes with the potency of OG Kush combined with the flavor of Bubba Kush. You can smell the sweet, spicy and earthy aroma and enjoy the gorgeous sweet and spicy, herbal and citrus taste on your tongue. The green buds of Bubba OG marijuana strain are coated with trichomes and frosted with orange hairs.

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42 reviews for Bubba OG (indica)

  1. dinesh.infugin


  2. ramone240 (verified owner)

    This bud is a tasty purple strain. I love the purple colours running in the bud. The smell lets you know how strong it is. This is bud is a great relaxing tool for those couch days.

  3. christophermongovius

    MY favourite right here, smells potent tastes great smokes clean helps a lot with add/adhd so great for studying !!

  4. dean_o_mite (verified owner)

    really dank smell, full of spicy flavor high was great real value here

  5. buzzyyboyy

    love this weed taste and aroma !
    5 star

  6. rambopitbull1985 (verified owner)

    Very nice strain beautiful smell nice and sugar coated.

  7. charles.hillis (verified owner)

    Great sleeping tool!

  8. iriseyewear (verified owner)

    The perfect strain to end the day…or to start the day if you are like me and need a quiet big dose of relaxation in the morning.Smells very good…texture is really sticky even if it dried fast! really tasteful when smoked in a joint and really powerful when smoked with a bong!I recommand this strain 100mph

  9. nitroboarding66 (verified owner)

    This stuff is the real deal if you need a strain to help you unwind, and sleep Bubba Og, is a heavy-hitting Induca.

  10. casey_tearl_jones73 (verified owner)

    killer stuff…….everything that picture shows is what you get…honestly no complaints….i left another site that was cheaper than here….but compare the quality to GreenGod.ca …not even the same ball park……..these guys at greengod are putting out a great product. keep up the good work and the prices Low……… 🙂

  11. genevieveskorupa (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite strains. It’s a hard hitting indica and I’m so glad I got the last of what they had in stock. You will not be disappointed with this choice. Highly recommended

  12. sethvii52 (verified owner)

    Nice weed! Small nugs with a sweet and spicy smell. The buzz is heavy, great for insomnia or to relax in front of the tv.
    I reccomend this.

  13. satanat666 (verified owner)

    Great smoke. Hope you get more,I’m running low on this one.

  14. Wil (verified owner)

    Very nice 😉

    Bought this train when it was on for $4, it came with medium sized popcorn buds with no shake in the bag.
    Placed it in a jar with Boveda Paks 62 % a couple days later the buds smell great and the smoke was smooth with a nice grey ash.

  15. Gp.p18.018 (verified owner)

    Tried the cheaper stuff ($3-4a g) to no avail but this is 100% worth the money. I can only imagine what the more pricier buds are like. Will definitely order again and again

  16. info (verified owner)

    Cannabis correct pour le prix, mais sans plus.

  17. hides.19 (verified owner)

    creeps up on you but is a definite indica! great price from Green God for a classic bud. nice for before bedtime. not to be confused with Bubba Kush.

  18. wilson_tyler (verified owner)

    Good smoke, fair price!

  19. djhunter.001 (verified owner)

    This my favorite so far. Smooth burn with a nice high that lasts a long time.

  20. doom420 (verified owner)

    Nice Aroma, purplish buds. Low price.100

  21. beachbalm69 (verified owner)

    Nice buzz. Uplifting and great to smoke before work.

  22. f_lachance (verified owner)

    Nice weed

  23. kevmeunier (verified owner)

    I don’t love the taste but good high and doesn’t look bad for the price!

  24. johnhole1957 (verified owner)

    Spicy, earthy, citrus taste! Relaxing, long lasting buzz.

  25. julie.ferron22 (verified owner)

    Great product

  26. albert.young (verified owner)

    This was the last strain I purchased in my first order Always loved bubba OG grate taste , smell and high. A bit more stalk then I like but over all I’d reorder in a heart beat. Thanks for the samples was a very nice surprise. Green god you rock!!!!!!!

  27. Sparky (verified owner)

    Nice for relaxing just before going to bed. Nice sleep.

  28. wilson_tyler (verified owner)

    Bubba OG has a very great uplifting high as you’d expect with any high end indica. I have ordered this time and time again as I can’t get enough. The flavour and smell are immaculate! The buds are a perfect size, not many stems or leafs. All in all great product and I would recommend it for anyone to try!

  29. taylormackenzie63 (verified owner)

    Nice stuff, smells great, and great deal!

  30. amckay_152000 (verified owner)

    it was a great high. bud was nice. killed my pain. the only thing I can complain about was the after taste. It was taste like strong ladies perfume after.

  31. mrhamiota (verified owner)

    Decent product for a great price. Thanks G.G!

  32. Cass (verified owner)

    Great product. Mellow high, got dry pretty quick tho.

  33. paulnguyenbrown (verified owner)

    Really like this strain such a good price for the grade would get it again

  34. ivan7scottmanuel (verified owner)

    Great for sleep. Great smell

  35. buckthyshape (verified owner)

    great stuff for beginners

  36. shannonbisson34 (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this stuff a number of times. Let me tell you at $133 an ounce. Minus the blue40 discount gold you can’t go wrong for $72 an ounce.

  37. monicaperkins0217 (verified owner)

    Let’s start with why a 3 star review it’s not that this stuff was bad but I picked up some of greengod less expensive strains and they were as good or better. So with that being said it would be 5 stars but for the bang for the buck isnt there

  38. C Di (verified owner)

    This one is amazing!

  39. slightlyannoyed1 (verified owner)

    One of my all time favourites. Highly recommend.

  40. C Di (verified owner)

    This is my preferred strain here. It smells and taste so good ! I will buy again as soon that is back in stock.

  41. eleven_o4 (verified owner)

    Loved this stuff need to order more when it gets back In stock

  42. jeffmack1155 (verified owner)

    Like most of the reviews, this is a real nice strain and great for the pocket book !!

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