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Vape Pen (500mg)

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Crash Labs – Disposable pen (500MG THC)

90% THC 10% Terpenes

No PG or VG added


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Crash Labs – Disposable pen (500MG THC)

90% THC 10% Terpenes

No PG or VG added


Weight 1000000000 g

Mint Cookies, Super Lemon Haze, Grape, Watermelon OG, Durban Poison, Blueberry, Black Lime, Grapefruit Romulan

41 reviews for Vape Pen (500mg)

  1. worumer (verified owner)

    Works great nice buzz price a bit high

  2. smithplumbing

    Very discrete and perfect for at work 😉

  3. lisalillyjade

    Happy camper with this product! Taste is amazing, the device itself is small and easy to use.

  4. kristymariewells

    Great taste and easy to smoke. Can’t go wrong here.

  5. kenneth.a.jacobs

    My order arrived in 3 days and It came with samples! I am hooked! this site has great products and customer service.

  6. Jesse.Heartbreaker

    Suuuper long lasting pen. worth it

  7. Stoic.ninja.44

    This quick hitting piece hides nicely in a desk drawer and there is little to no vapor /smoke coming out.

  8. shanej133 (verified owner)

    Works really well,got about 6 hits a day for almost 3 weeks, definitely will buy again

  9. j.r.villebrun4 (verified owner)

    Convenient. Great high. Not very eco friendly and doesn’t last long.
    4 star for the convenience and high.

  10. jmrimnyak (verified owner)

    At first glance I thought it a bit expensive compared to other pens and tops especially the Nukem.
    However the strength of the concentrate more than makes up for it. Go easy. Not couch feel active but no way I drive.
    Shared with my boss after work and he is amazed at the strength of two puffs.
    Should let you know he is 30 and I am almost retired. First “heard” of marijuana in 1970. Thai stick was good as was the hash. Local pot was crap, 1% THC it is estimated.
    The product I get from Green God is amazing

  11. kev.gaudet (verified owner)

    his very good

  12. Cass (verified owner)

    I only got it today, I used it a little bit. I was choking a lot on it, not sure if it’s because Im not use to it or the strong after taste of the kind of weed I picked (scout girl cookies).

    Gets you high, discreet, I’ll be able to easily have a few puffs on lunch break without the hassle of rolling a joint.

    Also, thank you again and again for all your great samples. I’ll give a try to those grape gummies soon 😉

  13. shannonbisson34 (verified owner)

    Great flavor great distillate pens. I will buy more when they are on sale.

  14. slightlyannoyed1 (verified owner)

    Great taste. Nicely packaged. Got GSC and look forward to trying the others!

  15. shannonbisson34 (verified owner)

    Great taste. I just received two of them Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel both are wonderful 👌 Hopefully a discount code comes out again for the vape pen

  16. jeancorneti (verified owner)

    Jai essayer le gorilla glue, tres fort sa pogne direct la gorge
    Sa me fait trop tousser. exellent buzzz!

  17. mackintosh41 (verified owner)

    Nice viscosity to theses ones. Didn’t get sticky.

  18. dajirogenki (verified owner)

    Wife loved it. Lasted her a week. I loved it too but it only lasted me 2 days haha waiting for new vape tops 🙂

  19. sftv420 (verified owner)

    Amazing smoke blow out, smooth and not a bad taste at all

  20. dewie-69 (verified owner)

    Great stuff got about 30 draws.Not sure if thats normal . 3 pulls got a pretty good high. Refills would be nice to see.

  21. Cass (verified owner)

    2nd time I ordered a crash lab vale. The lemon skunk this time. Pretty good stuff I will order again! I’d love a refille or something like that.

  22. brettgranke (verified owner)

    Been using these for a while. Started buying them myself. Love the flavours. Good stuff

  23. eddy.k (verified owner)

    Low price and an intense high.Definitely order again.

  24. junior.clement (verified owner)

    i tried Mint and Lemon and both of them have a incredible great taste and give a instantly smooth high.
    Perfect for those who wish to be discrete

  25. Butterball (verified owner)

    Gets you high, discreet, I will buy more when they are on sale…

  26. julie.ferron22 (verified owner)

    Perfect !

  27. Blackjoe (verified owner)

    discreet and do the job

  28. slightlyannoyed1 (verified owner)

    Rich flavour nice potency with big hits. Perfect.

  29. Butterball (verified owner)

    My order arrived in 3 days (as usual!) and It came with samples! Definitely order again !!!

  30. paulnguyenbrown (verified owner)

    Got the super lemon haze flavor nice buzz with big hits

  31. angel_compton (verified owner)

    Love these. Potent depending on how hard you puff. Discrete and not too much vapour. Great for work.

  32. Canoe_Head (verified owner)

    These little devils are the real deal folks. Amazing taste, smooth, and awesome effects. I can’t wait to buy again. I just wish you could buy refills instead of the full rig. FYI: no on button, just hard vape it and it turns on automatically.

  33. mmstpierre82 (verified owner)

    Have tried two flavours so far and waiting on two more. Good price and amazing taste. It is what it is… excited for my next order.

  34. tdemke (verified owner)

    First time trying a vape pen, love the flavour and the lack of pot smell when you smoke it. Good high from a couple hits only complaint it is a little harsh and makes me cough. I smoke everyday and even dab shatter in a pipe and dont cough so it’s a little harsh. Not sure if they are all like that but would love some feedback from other more experienced vapers if they are all harsh.
    Thanks for the experience

  35. eleven_o4 (verified owner)

    Nice little vape pens 👍

  36. aliciabaer (verified owner)

    I was super impressed with this! The flavor and the high are great! Very mellow, nice for the first hit of the day. Wish they were bigger, as this not lasting me nearly long enough as I’d like, but maybe thats just cause I smoke too much LOL.

  37. tdemke (verified owner)

    So this was my first vape pen. I found it a little harsh compared to dabbing but has a nice flavour and is very discrete to use. I am going to order a different flavor it lasted me almost 2 weeks using it in combination with dabbing.

  38. ashleybauche (verified owner)

    Love this thing! A bit pricy tho.

  39. william_strong (verified owner)

    Got a good vybe with only a few hits was wating for mint cookie but got grape instead , if you already vape you won’t see the difference..actually no , you’ll be faded the fuck out 😏

  40. tdemke (verified owner)

    So I just tried my second pen it was a blueberry flavour this time and was much smoother with a better hit this time. 2 hits worked very well and a pen lasts me about 2 weeks of off and on use.

  41. giantmidget987 (verified owner)

    Great taste

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