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Durban Poison (shatter)

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4.72 out of 5 based on 82 customer ratings
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Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy

Relieves: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Migraines, Nausea, Stress

Durban Poison is a classic high potency Sativa.

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Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy

Relieves: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Migraines, Nausea, Stress

Durban Poison is a classic high potency Sativa.

82 reviews for Durban Poison (shatter)

  1. brian888 (verified owner)

    Amazing taste & product, Thanks

  2. kristenritthaler (verified owner)

    great taste, quality and affordable prices!

  3. miss_abc_bitch (verified owner)

    Best one so far great taste, good buzz definitely helps you sleep better

  4. info (verified owner)

    sent super bon , un très bon goût étrange. Bon buzz résenti tout de suite après. Relaxant.

  5. buckthyshape (verified owner)

    affordable and great product

  6. palmerdk (verified owner)

    Very pleased. Well relaxed bit up lifting

  7. cameronjamesb0987 (verified owner)

    Very relaxing high

  8. mavman.1800.mv (verified owner)

    I liked the taste. If you need to relax this will work. If it comes back in stock you’ve got to try it.

  9. kasmanialim (verified owner)

    Great shatter for the price

  10. Happy Hitch Hound (verified owner)

    Really nice taste and a texture that is easy to roll with.

  11. dajirogenki (verified owner)

    Nice taste 🙂 long lasting too

  12. skorbos (verified owner)

    Again like the blue dream shatter the price is ridiculously low. Loved it!

  13. tg67 (verified owner)

    WOW very happy with my order great buzz and taste .well worth the wait guys thanks.very nice staff .

  14. dev.j.young (verified owner)

    good deal for the price. Got the effects I needed from very little with a shatter rig and I’m a heavy smoker!

  15. schauvin2013 (verified owner)

    Great price , taste good would buy again good high

  16. skorbos (verified owner)

    Ordered it again and still amazing!

  17. fmcleod4 (verified owner)

    Good shatter for a great price!
    Thank you greengod

  18. little.leah.97


  19. Jesse.Heartbreaker

    Hard to find strain especially in shatter. Ill be back for more

  20. jasonbrunette321 (verified owner)

    Durban kicks serious Sativa ass! Love sativa and this is uplifting and quality smoke. Great prices! 5/5

  21. beachbalm69 (verified owner)

    Good shatter good price. Definitely getting some more of this one very nice and smooth

  22. agegalbraith (verified owner)

    I should of bought more !!!

  23. kingspadekilla69

    this is some good stuff love it ! defanitly ordering mroe

  24. CamRon (verified owner)

    put a couple dabs into a joint rolled with GG’s sour diesel flour….. very very nice 🙂

  25. CamRon (verified owner)


  26. j.r.villebrun4 (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with the price. My go to wake and bake however I do get a bit lazy after the buzz wears off. Makes me hungry faster than most strains. Helps with thinking as well

  27. silentlucidityglassworks (verified owner)

    Interesting taste and texture. Very easy to handle, its rolled up like a very fine beef jerky! Can’t go wrong with the price either.

  28. silentlucidityglassworks (verified owner)

    Definitely a before bedtime type of high. Very hard hitting and relaxing. Keep the ice cream at a distance! Price is unbeatable

  29. kingspadekilla69 (verified owner)

    don’t let the price fool you, great stuff

  30. buckthyshape (verified owner)

    very nice budget shatter!

  31. Jodi (verified owner)

    Nice buzz, great price!

  32. sickoziz (verified owner)

    Very tasty , perfect for day time medication , the only cons would be that in my opinion its way to goowie but HEY for the price you cant go wrong , i would order it again 🙂

  33. bibole3ap (verified owner)

    taste good would buy again , good high

  34. shannonbisson34 (verified owner)

    I have ordered the Durban Poison shatter a few times. This is decent shatter for the price. Some of it was nice and hard and snappy but one time I ordered it..it was a softer texture. Over good product.

  35. coadypeters (verified owner)

    Amazing at this price point! It IS soft, but I just keep it in the freezer…

  36. oakley8811 (verified owner)

    Great product for the price. Good taste!!

  37. winnie5558 (verified owner)

    a very good sativa shatter, its really good for that good price !!

  38. mrhamiota (verified owner)

    Decent product for great price. Thanks G.G!

  39. julie.ferron22 (verified owner)

    Very dark, smooth and great high for the price!

  40. jayite3 (verified owner)

    With the 30% off deal its a good buy, but definitely not a shatter. Its a big lump of dark BHO that goes the most luscious gold colour when smeared on a joint, and definitely has a great uplifting high…. if I had to compare, its still better than phyto lol

  41. danielciampa (verified owner)

    Solid deal and consistency for the price, very good!

  42. ashleybauche (verified owner)

    Good stuff!

  43. felixback (verified owner)

    High was a bit on the low side, same for the taste. Consistency is more like BHO. Still good for the price. I preferred the blue dream myself.

  44. mackintosh41 (verified owner)

    For the money it’s solid

  45. sftv420 (verified owner)

    I hit this with a freebie of gorilla glue keif and great white shark sativa (I’m a paradoxical effect) and I got so f*cked up, I puked LMFAO, and I slept like queeeeeeen 😂😂😂

  46. shred0210 (verified owner)

    Great price and good buzz

  47. mrhamiota (verified owner)

    Great deal for a great price. Thanks Percy!

  48. uzair.ansari (verified owner)

    Dark in color, good long lasting buzz, smooth hit. Price point is on the dot. Good buy at price <=$20/g.

  49. bibole3ap (verified owner)

    a little bit dark on that time , probably a second press … still awesome for the price ! and thanks for the bonus ( much appreciated )

  50. notmyrealemail013 (verified owner)

    Super affordable! I scored this stuff with 40% off! That’s a steal for sure. The product is best kept on the cooler side and it is pretty dark. All in all it works and keeps ya alert. Thanks GG.

  51. jasonbrunette321 (verified owner)

    I love it . Great all around shatter can’t beat the price. I hope good things for this seller and big success. I need green god to be around forever !! Who else gives this caliber of deals?!

    Dark, leathery, light aroma, great buzz, uplifting , positive, productive and with little cough. Its one of my favourites actually. I don’t like strong smell and taste shatters (terpens) they make me cough. This one is clean and smooth to smoke, It grabs your lungs just enough. Buzz comes on fast and hard. love it. 🙂

  52. samuelsabeau (verified owner)

    Wow love the consistency!hits hard but a little bit dark for my taste.for the price its still really awesome

  53. julie.ferron22 (verified owner)

    For the price..Wow is my fav ! Hit hard

  54. ill1212 (verified owner)

    Definitely amazing product And not only that they shipped in less than a week on 420 !!! Super happy with everything all around! Good on all the green god and goddesses 😀

  55. silentlucidityglassworks (verified owner)

    Good buzz, nice taste. Easy to handle too, not sticky and mushy. Breaks up nicely.

  56. silentlucidityglassworks (verified owner)

    Just like the weed, this smokes very smooth and has a nice relaxing buzz that settles in just fine.

  57. pwjclarke (verified owner)

    its good. smooth and good taste and for the price its great

  58. duke_nukem75 (verified owner)

    Great taste, and great to smoke. I love this for day time use. And you can’t go wrong with the price. Thanks gg.

  59. mrhamiota (verified owner)

    Great product for a fair price.

  60. Butterball (verified owner)

    Very happy with my order great buzz ! With the 40% off deal its a good buy….

  61. angel_compton (verified owner)

    Great consistency. Easy to separate and smoke.

  62. blackaces14 (verified owner)

    Very good, very good for daytime, darker then I like.

  63. johnhole1957 (verified owner)

    Nice taste, awesome high!

  64. bibole3ap (verified owner)

    4th time I order Durban Poison , I always been satisfyed , the batch I just receive is just PERFECT , Good buzz, nice taste. Easy to handle too, not sticky and mushy. Breaks up nicely . With the 40% off deal . Big up to GG

  65. Cass (verified owner)

    Good for the price, sticky mushy a bit..

  66. julie.ferron22 (verified owner)

    I buy this one like 6 times and i’m never disapointed!! For the price its perfect seriously !

  67. Devilschild99 (verified owner)

    Perfect for the price. Gets the job done! Nice buzz!

  68. kevinhavokness (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains, shatter didnt disappoint ! Not brittle and great buzz, great to mix with your favorite flower bud

  69. justinauger.ja (verified owner)

    get you very baked and pretty good price

  70. steevedrouin (verified owner)

    Very potent for the price i recommand

  71. taholwell (verified owner)

    durban poison has got everything going for it, not only a great smoke for the price but an overall great smoke. Pleasantly surprised with both the taste and buzz, definitely buying again

  72. jh1957 (verified owner)

    Great taste and high!

  73. nathanieltsetso123 (verified owner)

    This stuff was great and my friends thought so as well.

  74. tomgirl_punker (verified owner)

    Great for the price, especially if you can get it with a coupon code.

  75. yovan_r (verified owner)

    Good quality for the price

  76. julie.ferron22 (verified owner)

    I buy this one like 6-7 time and everytime i’m happy! Thank greengod for the quality

  77. mmstpierre82 (verified owner)

    Honestly for the price and quality it’s great. Good taste too.

  78. guymandude8888 (verified owner)

    Great value for $20…solid shatter high…very soft and sticky so needed some freezer time…will definitely order again!…I would order 2g of this before I pay $40 for 1g.

  79. CapitalGG (verified owner)

    HOLY COWABUNGA !!! Thou shall never shop anywhere else. I want to leave more stars but only lets you do 5 stars. My suggestion is add more stars. Great product and value and very fair and reasonable people.

  80. sean.labbe80 (verified owner)

    nice product, but it was quite a bite darker than picture.
    The taste was ok and a good buzz when it’s roll with some good weed or/and good hash 😉
    Will buy again! and try other one as well 😉

  81. aliciabaer (verified owner)

    Way darker than the picture, but taste was good and the high was even better.

  82. dewie-69 (verified owner)

    Another great product for the price. GG best M.O.M

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