Marijuana concentrates are becoming more and more popular these days. One of the extracts attracting attention lately is shatter. If you’re a novice marijuana user, you’re probably wondering what shatter is and how to use it.

Let’s take an in-depth look at marijuana shatter, then.  Read on to learn everything about this marijuana concentrate and its potential benefits

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is the cleanest and purest type of cannabis concentrates, and it looks like beautiful golden honey. As the name suggests, shatter is a glass-like marijuana extraction that shatters when dropped.


Source: Stoner Things

This concentrated form of cannabis is derived from pure plant extracts, which makes it extremely potent. The THC content in shatter reaches up to 90%. Combined with an impressive terpene profile, this concentrate provides a long-lasting, very intense effect of being “high”. Due to its high content of cannabinoids, shatter has delicate nature and is hard to work with when compared to the dried flower.

In fact, shatter is one of the most potent cannabis extracts and it’s best to keep the dosage in moderation, especially if your weed tolerance is low.

Now that you know what shatter is,  let’s move on to take your marijuana adventure to the higher level and discover the delicious world of one of the purest marijuana concentrates.

How To Use Shatter

People who use cannabis concentrates like shatter usually call these extracts “dabs”, because one of the most popular ways to consume it is to dab it through an oil rig.

Dabbing is all about placing shatter on a nail in order to inhale the vapor using a dab rig. There is a wide range of nails you can use to smoke shatter, but the most important thing is the temperature. You need to heat the nail to a somewhere between 550 and 750°F in order to get the optimal effects.

Another handy approach to consume shatter is vaporization. With the proper device, you can enjoy this cannabis concentrate in the healthiest way possible. With no negative effects associated with smoking, vaporizing allows you to enjoy the uplifting properties of shatter and the amazing, pure flavor carried by its terpene profile.

Now, if you don’t mind going big spender, you can always roll small pieces of shatter into a blunt or joint. Adding this concentrate to your stuff will make it burn slower and stronger. The good thing about smoking shatter with dried cannabis is that you don’t have to buy any additional smoking accessories like rigs or nails.

The Benefits

Whether you’re a medical or recreational cannabis user, with the extremely high amount of cannabinoids, shatter offers a brand new marijuana experience. You can get high almost immediately with just one hit from a vaporizer, joint, or a dab rig. For patients seeking relief in medical marijuana, shatter offers fast and strong relief from a wide range of ailments, such as anxiety, pain, inflammation, glaucoma, Parkinson’s Disease,  and more.

Shatter is one of the purest and the most potent form of marijuana concentrates. With such a powerful extract, it’s important to keep things slowly and take baby steps when approaching shatter for the first time. If you’re ready to its potential first hand, visit Green God online dispensary to shop for a selection of shatter products.